Sunday, 6 May 2012


 Glad to inform you that PIBG is organizing Hari Karnival Keluarga Bahagia (HKKB) 2012 on 8 July 2012. HKKB is the main activity of the year which has been approved by this year AGM and waiting for the approval from the PPD Petaling Perdana.

While waiting for HKKB's approval, PIBG is inviting all parents  to fully involve in its preparation and implementation, in accordance with the resolution made in the AGM. You, as parents are encouraged to be members of Jawatankuasa Kecil HKKB 2012 which is responsible for planning and implementing activities of HKKB.

 Please contact Pn Saadiah Abu Bakar , secretary of PIBG at email: to register and involve in HKKB 2012.

Thank you for your attention and willingness to contribute to make HKKB 2012 a success.

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